Manifold v0.1.1 Released

Version 0.1.1 of Manifold is a bugfix release. It has been pushed to the Manifold staging instance. This release includes the following fixes and improvements.

[B] Reset default text color in dark reading mode
[B] Only show FE mobile nav when logged in
[C] Add spec test for resource event creation
[B] Fix issue with broken link on first click
[F] Create event when resource is added to project
[B] Remove top spacing from section-heading-utility-right
[C] Adjust sizing of event tiles
[F] Add start reading link to new text events
[B] Fix long file names overflowing dropzone
[C] Use sub kind in slideshow to determine video type
[C] Refactor resources to use sub kinds for better determination
[B] Fire reader color change with 1 click (iOS)
[B] Fix issue with resource markers not highlighting
[B] Require library in formatted attr concern
[B] Fix responsiveness of pagination controls
[B] Use formatted text for applicable resource fields
[C] Add disabled state to slideshow arrows
[C] Hide social logins and T&C from create form
[C] Change label on project backend form field
[F] Store formatted attributes in Redis

As always, B = Bugfix, F = Feature, and C = Chore.

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