Manifold v0.1.3 released to

Version 0.1.3 of ManifoldĀ introduces support for loginsĀ using Facebook, Twitter, and Google OAuth services. This version also incorporates a refactored approach to managing application settings, which can now be set via the backend, or managed by way of the dotenv file, which tends to be a more appropriate solution for automated provisioning and deployment.

Fixed bugs:

  • Recent event CSS changes broke mobile event layout #241
  • Settings are loaded even when SSR is unavailable
  • Fix upload display in FF/Safari
  • Fix popup position in Firefox


  • Refactor integration setttings; move to DB
  • Add styled 50x error page
  • Refactor service port configuration for easier install

Closed issues:

  • Missing Favicon in production env. #242

Merged pull requests:

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