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  • Great to bump into two artists from The Heart of The Tribe Gallery in #Glastonbury Melanie Thompson created her res…

  • . @ryancordell and @ak_blankenship are here for our DH grad group to talk about #viraltexts! What a way to wind dow…

  • Looking for something else, I got distracted by this advertisement in the Holmes County Republican of 1860. Can any…

  • At a session on student mentoring at new faculty orientation, I’m struck again by what a great mentor I had during…

  • Bet you can't answer these history questions that appeared on a teacher examination in 1885... #research…

  • Random snippets from newspapers: "The 'sea-serpent' is spending the summer off Cape Cod, and the stories brought in…

  • Resource Added

    A Fragment Found in a Skeleton Case

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    The Judge Needed the Money

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    Viral Texts Genre Automaton

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    Textual Criticism as Language Modeling

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    A Philosophical Darkey

  • Resource Added

    Regularly Sold

  • Resource Added

    Religious Courtship

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  • Resource Added

    True Philosophy—The Farmers

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    Classifying Vignettes, Modeling Hybridity

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    A Manifold project is born!

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