Voices of Rondo

Oral Histories of Saint Paul’s Historic Black Community

In Voices of Rondo, real-life stories illuminate the northern urban Black experience during the first half of the twentieth century, through the memories and reflections of residents of Saint Paul’s historic Rondo community. We glimpse the challenges of racism and poverty and share the victories of a community that educated its children to become strong, to find personal pride, and to become the next generation of leaders in Saint Paul and beyond.


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    The Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage Book Series

    Funded by the John K. and Elsie Lampert Fesler Fund and Elizabeth and the late David Fesler, the Fesler-Lampert Minnesota Heritage Book series publishes significant books that contribute to an understanding and appreciation of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest.

    First published in 2005 by Syren Book Company, Minneapolis

    First University of Minnesota Press edition, 2017

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