Works by Gilles Deleuze

C1 Cinema 1: The Movement-Image (1986)

C2 Cinema 2: The Time-Image (1989)

D Dialogues 2 (with Claire Parnet; 2007)

DI Desert Islands (2004)

DR Difference and Repetition (1994)

ECC Essays Critical and Clinical (1997)

F Foucault (1988)

FB Francis Bacon (2005)

H Empiricism and Subjectivity: An Essay on Hume’s Theory of Human Nature (1991)

L The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque (1993)

LS Logic of Sense (1990)

N Negotiations (1997)

NP Nietzsche and Philosophy (1983)

P Proust and Signs (2000)

PI Pure Immanence (2005)

S Expressionism in Philosophy: Spinoza (1990)

TR Two Regimes of Madness (2007)

Works by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari

AO Anti-Oedipus (1977)

K Kafka: Toward a Minor Literature (1986)

TP A Thousand Plateaus (1987)

WP What Is Philosophy? (1994)