Cameron Rowland, 1st Defense NFPA 1977, 2011

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Cameron Rowland, 1st Defense NFPA 1977, 2011 (2016). Courtesy of the artist and Essex Street Gallery.

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Nomex fire suit, distributed by CALPIA 50 × 13 × 8 inches (127 × 33 × 20.3 cm)
Rental at cost.

“The Department of Corrections shall require of every able-bodied prisoner imprisoned in any state prison as many hours of faithful labor in each day and every day during his or her term of imprisonment as shall be prescribed by the rules and regulations of the Director of Corrections.” — California Penal Code § 2700.

CC35933 is the customer number assigned to the nonprofit organization California College of the Arts upon registering with the CALPIA, the market name for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Prison Industry Authority.

Inmates working for CALPIA produce orange Nomex fire suits for the state’s 4300 inmate wildland firefighters.

Rental at cost: Artworks indicated as “Rental at cost” are not sold. Each of these artworks may be rented for 5 years for the total cost of the CALPIA products that constitute it.

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