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Welcome to the University of Minnesota Press’s Library of Open-Access Titles
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Follow these nascent projects from the University of Minnesota Press as they evolve in parallel with their author's research and writing. As you engage with these projects here and on Twitter, you help provide shape and scope to the final versions of record.
These monograph projects have been made openly available through their participation in the TOME project. Read more about TOME and discover additional scholarship the program has made available here.
Electronically mediated communication has established lasting and significant changes in society and culture, politics and economics, thinking and being. From the development, adoption, and now international ubiquity of the Internet to virtual reality technologies, the mainstream popularity of video games, the genre of literary hypertexts, and a proliferation of digital art and other new media art forms, technology has infused everyday life and all aspects of our interaction, communication, and expression. The books in this series explore the humanistic and social implications of these new technologies.
This influential series devoted to the philosophy of science brings together essays by leading scholars on themes and topics that are crucial to the history, academic development, and current debates in this field.
Forerunners is a thought-in-process series of breakthrough digital works. Written between fresh ideas and finished books, Forerunners draws on scholarly work initiated in notable blogs, social media, conference plenaries, journal articles, and the synergy of academic exchange.