Radio News, vol. 9, no. 4, October 1927

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This issue of Radio News contains an editorial by Gernsback projecting the near term future of radio.

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This issue is composed of the following articles and stories:

Radio Enters Into a New Phase Hugo Gernsback

A Set for Each Member of the Family Armstrong Perry

The Radio Beam Method of Transmission Lieut. H.F. Breckel

Radio in Transoceanic Flight

“This is Station WOODS” I.A. Collins

Progress in the Radio Drama Charles Magee Adams

The Magic Loud Speaker A. Binneweg, Jr.

Radio News of the Month

New Experimental 100-Kilowatt Transmitter at Schenectady

“Listen, My Children” Robert Francis Smith

What’s New in Radio

The Evolution of the ‘A’ Socket-Power Unit O.T. Mellvane

List of Broadcast Stations in the United States

The Radio Beginner—How to Build Radio Sets Clyde A Randon

Buried Aerial Reduces Static H. Winfield Secor

Low Loss E.H. Rietzke and S.K. McDonald, Jr.

How the Strobodyne Works R.E. Lacault

Recent Developments in ‘B’ Power-Unit Design James Millen

Building a Six-Food Exponential Horn T.H. Millar

The Radio News Special Short-Wave Broadcast Receiver Kendall Clough

The Knickerbocker Four Robert Hertzberg

The Qualitone Six Robert F. Goodwin

Biasing the Grid Without ‘C’ Batteries Sylvan Harris

Ultra-High-Frequency Experiments John L. Reinartz

Correspondence from Readers

Letters from Home Radio Set Constructors

Progress in Radio


Radio News Laboratories

Radio Wrinkles

I Want to Know

Radio Technique in Germany

A Combined Horn-and-Cone Loud Speaker Robert N. Auble

The Capacity and Wavelength of Your Aerial Sydney P. O’Rourke

Eliminating the Detector Tap M.R. McCabe

‘Radio Love’

Giant Loud Speaker Heard Six Miles Over Lake

Radio Jingles

Radio Bugs

Book Review

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