I would like to thank the organizers with decolonizing desires in the university whose paths have met with mine, including the blade-bearing residents of the Undercommons, especially we who remember 2010; Monsters, Orphans, Robots; At least we look good; Amunraw and Black renaissance in Shanghai; organizers who have returned to UCSD; Some of you are ghost-writing this book, some are ghost-riding this book. The organizers and participants of the Decolonizing the University Conference and of the Harvard Student of Color Conference, 2010, your encuentros helped to foment these writings into a book. A Black Studies Project and the Militarisms and Migrations Institute (whenever you will exist) remind me of the organic, living, noncybernetic matters of this work. Thank you Angie Morrill, Eve Tuck, Curtis Marez, and C. Ree. This wouldn’t have made it to print without your affirmations and criticisms. Special thanks to Noelani Goodyear-Kaʻōpua, for your generous feedback, which directed me to think more deeply about the metaphor of cinema and the importance of collective agency, and also lessened many of the flaws of this final version. Kamala Visweswaran and the Department of Ethnic Studies at UC San Diego, thank you for creating a small colloquium to discuss this book. Thank you to my very encouraging editor, Danielle Kasprzak, and to Anne Carter and editors behind the scenes at the University of Minnesota Press who shepherded this manuscript to publication. Finally, thank you, C. Ree, for gifting me my best ideas and for making this done.

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