True Philosophy—The Farmers

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TRUE PHILOSOPHY—THE FARMERS.—Two farmers who were neighbors, had their crop of early peas killed by the frost. One of them came to condole with the other on their misfortune. “Ah!” cried he, “how unfortunate we have been, neighbor! I have done nothing but fret ever since. But, bless me! you seem to have a fine healthy crop coming up just now: what are these?”—“These, said the other, “why, these are what I sowed immediately after my loss.” “What, coming up already?” cried the fretter. “Yes; while you were fretting I was working.” “What! and don’t you fret when you have a loss?” “Yes, but I always put it off until I have repaired the mischief.”—“Lord! why then you’ve no need to fret at all.” “True” replied the industrious gardener, “and that’s the very reason; in truth, it is very pleasant to have no longer reason to think of misfortunes; and it is astonishing how many might be repaired by a little alacrity and energy.”

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