Amazing Stories, vol. 1, no. 3, June 1926

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This third issue of Amazing Stories contains an editorial by Gernsback on the development of the "scientifiction" genre.

Full Description

This issue is composed of the following articles and stories:

Editorial: The Lure of Scientifiction
By Hugo Gernsback

A Trip to the Center of the Earth (Serial. 2nd Part)
By Jules Verne with artwork by Frank R. Paul

The Coming of the Ice
By G. Peyton Wertenbaker with artwork by Frank R. Paul

The Scientific Adventures of Mr. Fosdick: Mr. Fosdick Invents the Seidlitzmobile
By Jacque Morgan with artwork by Frank R. Paul

The Star
By H. G. Wells

Whispering Ether
By Charles S. Wolfe

The Runaway Skyscraper
By Murray Leinster

An Experiment in Gyro-Hats
By Ellis Parker Butler with artwork by Frank R. Paul

The Malignant Entity
By Otis Adelbert Kline with artwork by F. S. Hynd

Dr. Hackensaw's Secrets: Some Minor Inventions
By Clement Fezandié with artwork by Frank R. Paul

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