Amazing Stories, vol. 1, no. 4, July 1926

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This fourth issue of Amazing Stories contains an editorial by Gernsback that distinguishes between "fiction" and "facts" in the magazine's stories.

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This issue is composed of the following articles and stories:

Editorial: Fiction Versus Facts
By Hugo Gernsback

Station X
By G. McLeod Winsor with artwork by Frank R. Paul

The Man Who Could Work Miracles
By H. G. Wells with artwork by F. S. Hynd

The Scientific Adventures of Mr. Fosdick: The Feline Light and Power Company Is Organized
By Jacque Morgan

The Moon Metal
By Garrett P. Serviss with artwork by Frank R. Paul

The Eggs from Lake Tanganyika
By Curt Siodmak

The Magnetic Storm
By Hugo Gernsback with artwork by Frank R. Paul

The Sphinx
By Edgar Allan Poe

By Hugo Gernsback

A Trip to the Center of the Earth
By Jules Verne

Dr. Hackensaw's Secrets: The Secret of the Invisible Girl
By Clement Fezandié

Experts Join Staff of Amazing Stories
By Hugo Gernsback

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