Modern Electrics, vol. 5, no. 11, February 1913

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This issue is composed of the following stories and articles:

Electricity and Magnetism

The Practical Electrician Father Knickerbocker's Christmas Tree Samuel F. B. Morse Automatic Weigher Electric Hand Mirrors Morse's First Telegraph With the Inventor The Wireless Screech No More Worry Over Basement Light Flying Sparks Difficulties of Installing Large Electrical Machines Electricity in Arabia Code Learning Machine A Simple Door Bell Transformer Device for Electrically Raising and Lowering Bichromate Battery Zincs Selective Switch for Use With a Step Down Transformer Automatic Receiver Electric Fire Alarm Electric Door Latch Indirect Illumination Telephone Mouthpiece Advice on Patents The Oracle

Wireless Telegraphy

The Lepel Quenched Spark System Simple Method for Designing Wireless Transformers Wireless and the Amateur Putting It On the Amateur Again Operator's and Station Licenses for Amateurs A Series Spark Gap The Audion Detector Honolulu Greets Washington By Wireless Rights of the Amateurs Amateur Interference In Connection With the Accident to the Turrialba Thirty-five Mile Wireless Talk The Wireless Specialty Listening-in Key The Wireless Screech New Battery Wireless Telephone The Wireless Telegraph Contest Converting a Double-slide Tuner Into a Loose Coupler A Combined Rotary and Series Gap Variometer How to Stop Flickering Lights A Real Improvement in Detectors Enclosed Loose Coupler Peroxsil Detector A Small Loose Coupler High Power, Air Cooled, Variable Sending Condenser Galena Keeps Aerial from Twisting Lead-In Insulator A High Speed Wireless Key Variable Receiving Condenser Amateur Operators Proficient Wireless Association Approves the Provisions of Wireless Law The Oracle

Miscellaneous Subjects

The Scientific Adventures of Mr. Fosdick Father Knickerbocker's Christmas Tree Automatic Weigher Electric Hand Mirrors Fund to Assist Young Inventors The Wireless Screech Flying Sparks Telephone Mouthpiece Advice on Patents The Oracle

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