CES Volume 6, Issue 2

Fall 2020

by Camilla HawthorneJennifer Lynn Kelly

This special issue seeks to conceptualize connections between border regimes around the world. Taking up sites that range from US/Mexico, to the Mediterranean, to Palestine/Israel, and beyond, contributors move past superficial comparisons and think through the circulation of technologies, expertise, policing, and surveillance alongside the circulation of anti-colonial strategies via transnational social movements. By bridging conversations that are typically kept in separate academic silos—for example, critical refugee studies, Asian American studies, Black studies, Native studies, Middle East studies, European critical migration studies, comparative colonial studies—these pieces produce theoretically rigorous and empirically grounded investigations of borders outside of what is typically understood as belonging to the field of border studies. This approach emerges from an understanding that the urgent challenges of our current moment as they relate to borders, migration, and displacement require creative approaches that actively trouble disciplinary boundaries.

Cover design by Elizabeth Elsas Mandel

Cover art by Janina Arianna Larenas

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    Borders Are Obsolete Part II: Reflections on Central American Caravans and Mediterranean Crossings

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Forum: Stephanie Malia Hom’s “Empire’s Mobius Strip: Historical Echoes in Italy’s Crisis of Migration and Detention”


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