Beyond the Meme

Development and Structure in Cultural Evolution

by Alan C. LoveWilliam C. Wimsatt
Contributors: Sabina LeonelliNancy J. NersessianMichel JanssenJacob G. FosterJames A. EvansMark A. BedauMarshall AbramsGilbert B. TostevinSalikoko S. MufweneMassimo MaiocchiJoseph D. MartinPaul E. SmaldinoClaes AnderssonAnton TörnbergPetter Törnberg

Beyond the Meme assembles interdisciplinary perspectives on cultural evolution, providing a nuanced understanding of it as a process in which dynamic structures interact on different scales of size and time. The volume demonstrates how a thick understanding of change in culture emerges from multiple disciplinary vantage points, each of which is required to understand cultural evolution in all its complexity.

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